Long one at 9

Rock n' roll doesn't always happen in a convienent three and half minute chunk. Sometimes the artist requires a lot more space... That's why we carve out a spot each weeknight on The Sound to stretch our musical legs and delve into a long song. Tune in weeknights at 9pm.

The Long One at 9.. the extended soundtrack of our lives on the sound 

22nd June 2018
Allman Brothers - Jessica

21st June 2018
Peter Frampton - Won't you be my friend

20th June 2018
10CC - Une Nuit A Paris (Part 1)

19th June 2018
Joe Walsh - The Confessor

18th June 2018
George Harrison - Isn't it a Pity

15th June 2018
Genesis - Dancing with the Moonlight

14th June 2018
Chicago - Beginnings

13th June 2018
Bad Company - Master of Ceremony

12th June 2018
Jeff Beck Group - Going Down

11th June 2018
Harry Chapin - Taxi