On This Day: The Eagles release first album with Don Felder 'On The Border'

music news 22/03/2022

The Eagles hit the ground running at the beginning of the 70's.

After forming in 1971, the band was already in full swing when it came to released their third album just 3 years later.

'On The Border' was released 22nd March, 1974. 

The album was the first to feature The Eagles new guitarist, Don Felder who was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame in 2016.

Along with featuring classics 'Already Gone', and 'Best of My Love', one song from the album which has never been performed live was 'Is It True?' written by bassist at the time, Randy Meisner who left the band just three years later.

Making the vinyls extra special at the time, a limited number had a surprise message carved into the run out groove, reading "he who hesitates is lunch".