Fans ecstatic over resurfaced footage of legendary 1970 Led Zeppelin gig

music news 31/05/2022

8mm film footage of Led Zeppelin’s 1970 gig at Madison Square Garden in New York has been posted to YouTube and fans are being transported back to the iconic band's glory days. 

The camera seems to be right up front, capturing great footage of the band performing ‘Immigrant Song’ and ‘Heartbreaker’.

The gig was the second of the day, kicking off at 8 pm while the earlier one started at 2 pm.

Frontman Robert Page paid tribute to Jimi Hendrix, who had died the day before, at the second show. 

Press reviews of the show - available at - rave about the magnitude and brilliance of the band’s performance.

“Everything that has ever been right with live rock and roll is right with Led Zeppelin in concert … the group got into the best extended live rock playing I have ever heard anyone do, and that includes the Stones,” wrote one journalist, Larry Hutchinson.

“Without a doubt, Led Zeppelin is the most together and the best sounding rock band I have ever seen, and that covers a lot of rock” claimed Mike Hylan, writing for the Schenectady Gazette.

Over five decades later, similar sentiments are shared in the comments on YouTube, which only covers two minutes and 48 seconds of the performance.

“I was at the afternoon show that day. Saw them 5 times over the years but they were the best ever on this day," one viewer wrote. 

“It’s amazing to me how just under 3 minutes of fragmented Zeppelin footage is still better than any other band on the planet," said another. 

“Gobsmacked by how good they were in their prime," a third comment read.

"There is nothing like this today. NOTHING. It looks, feels and sounds like it was filmed yesterday. 52 years old and yet so fresh."