Malaysia Airlines confuses Auckland for Christchurch

Malaysia Airlines have been quick to retract a post on Facebook that confused Auckland for Christchurch.

A picture posted to Reddit on Wednesday showed a picture from Malaysia Airlines' Facebook page of Mt Eden in Auckland with the caption, "Standing tall above Christchurch is the volcanic Mt Eden."

The caption went on to explain that Mt Eden is one of many vibrant suburbs of ... Christchurch.

"Once a fortified Maori village, the hill is now home to a vibrant suburb that offers some of the finest cultural and natural sights in Christchurch."

Photo credit: Reddit

It took an estimated two hours before the post was taken down and for Malaysia Airlines to realise that Christchurch is actually more than 700 kilometres south of Mt Eden.

The mix-up led to some mockery on Reddit, one person saying, " I remember that earthquake that happened in Auckland just a few years ago that was so severe it moved one mountain from Auckland to another city roughly 700km away."

One person also pointed out the fact the Sky Tower can clearly be seen in the background.

On Christmas Day in 2015 the captain of a Malaysia Airlines flight from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur had to ask for directions after take-off when he became confused about the route he was taking.