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Nik Brown Chats to Brett Adams

Listen to the full chat here.


LISTEN: Nik Brown interviews John Densmore from The Doors to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of L.A. Woman

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this album John Densmore tells the story of LA Woman and its legacy.


Nik Brown chats with Gary Numan about his new album Intruder

Intruder is out now at all good music retailers.


Nik Brown chats to Jimmy Barnes ahead of his NZ tour

The border is open and our favourite Ozzie is back


TV legend Andrew Shaw chats to Nik Brown about all things TV and Speedway

Wonderful chat with a TV legend!


LISTEN: Nik Brown chats to Neil Finn ahead of Crowded House 2021 NZ tour

Mark your calendars! Their NZ tour kicks off 4 March 2021


WATCH: Nik Brown takes Guitar Rifferendum way too seriously

He really wants you to vote.


Eddie Rayner talks about panic attacks he faced while on the road with Split Enz

"Playing music heals me."


Eddie Rayner explains the difference in sound listening to Split Enz's 'True Colours' on Spotify and vinyl

The 40th anniversary edition is NOT the same as listening to the compressed sounds on Spotify (and slightly better than the original vinyl copies).


WATCH: Nik and Heather on who's better - Beatles vs Stones

Nik and Heather try to settle the age-old debate.


WATCH: It's not our fault these albums didn't make it to the Vinyl Countdown

See the Top 50 - 22 that could've made it... if more people voted for them.


Joe Satriani hopes to perform in New Zealand again, chats about his guitar students and new album 'Shapeshifting'

He's keen to come back to NZ, and you got to listen to his new album from beginning to end to truly enjoy the musical experience!


LISTEN: Joe Satriani shares why he isn't doing a lockdown concert

"You wouldn't want a paediatrist to do brain surgery, so..."


Nik & Heather explains how they keep the Sound studio clean during the lockdown

This is how they stay safe and sanitised while recording their shows.


Nik & Heather tries to converse using only song titles listed in front of them

Here's a snippet of what Nik & Heather's daily banters are like.


Nik & Heather can't decide which version of 'Cocaine' we should play on the A to Z

Text 'JJ CALE' or 'ERIC CLAPTON' to 339 to vote!


REVIEW: Cold Chisel Tauranga gig

Nik Brown from the Morning Sound went to see Cold Chisel on his birthday and this is what he thinks...


Merry Christmas from everyone on The Sound!

... and a Happy New Year!


Icehouse's Iva Davies says they almost named their band 'Industrial Chili'

Iva Davies talks about touring with David Bowie, fame, and his favourite Icehouse song.


Nik Brown takes a trip to Hedleys pop-up store in Auckland

You gotta take a day trip to Auckland to visit this pop-up store!


BLOOPERS: Nik Brown took 20 tries to record a 30 second Sound video

Filming takes extra long when Heather Keats is "helping out" behind the scenes.


LISTEN: Nik Brown interviews Icehouse co-founder, Iva Davies ahead of their NZ show

Listen to part 1 where Iva Davies talked about being classically trained in oboe, buying his first electric guitar and forming Flowers.


LISTEN: Nik Brown chats to the Statesmen of NZ Rock and Roll, Dave and Peter from Th' Dudes

Missed out on this morning's interview? Listen to the full version here including bits that were not aired on the radio.


LISTEN: Nik Brown interviews Simple Minds' frontman, Jim Kerr ahead of their NZ tour

Missed out on this morning's interview? Listen to the full version here including bits that were not aired on the radio.


LISTEN: U2's Adam Clayton rung Nik Brown for a chat

U2's bassist, Adam Clayton joins Nik Brown on the Morning Sound for a chat. Listen to the full interview here.


Mike Chunn gets technical about bass with Nik Brown

Chunn insists bassists should use a pick while playing the bass guitar.


Mike Chunn talks to Nik Brown about coping with agoraphobia and drugs

"Instead of living an iconic life, it became an ironic life," the ex-Split Enz bassist described.


Nik Brown shares personal story related to Tom Petty and his friend Tom Davidson

Be the first to hear this true Kiwi story.


Nik Brown met Tom Petty in 1992 at an unlikely radio event

He was lucky to meet the music legend decades ago in Los Angeles.


Th' Dudes to be inducted in NZ Music Hall of Fame, Nik Brown chats to Peter Urlich

Th' Dudes will be receiving the 2019 Legacy Award at this year's Vodafone NZ Music Awards.


Jimmy Barnes talks about his new single, "Shutting Down Your Town"

The song is is a nod to the hardworking and struggling families in Elizabeth city. "I want them to know," Barnes says.


90-year-old Western Springs speedway granted lease extension

Read what Nik has to say about this.


Nik Brown chats to Diesel about how it all started for his music career

Diesel will be performing at Red Hot Summer Tour this February.


Neil Finn tells Nik Brown his Fleetwood Mac moments

Neil Finn chats about how he got into Fleetwood Mac, his favourite tracks to play live and more.


Jimmy Barnes: Red Hot Summer Tour 'is going to be a full on rock-and-roll day'

Jimmy Barnes talk about music, his experiences with on Working Class Man tour and the upcoming Red Hot Summer Tour.


Did Bon Scott of AC/DC really die from alcohol poisoning? Autobiographer Jesse Fink chats to Nik Brown

Listen to Fink tell Nik Brown about what he discovered through his research for his last AC/DC book.


Gene Simmons tells Nik Brown how KISS manages to stay on top for 45 years

Simmons talked about how staying off drugs and alcohol plays a huge part in the band's continuous success.


Bruce Dickinson says he'd love to come back to NZ with Iron Maiden

Dickinson is currently in NZ for a one-off show to promote his new autobiography.


Bruce Dickinson chats to Nik Brown on The Morning Sound

Iron Maiden frontman, Bruce Dickinson talks about his new autobiography on The Morning Sound.


Joe Walsh tells Nik Brown that he was adamant to include NZ into the Eagles' World Tour

Listen to Joe Walsh telling Nik Brown about the tour, Eagles' new lineup and more.


Nik Brown chats to Toto guitarist Steve Lukather on The Morning Sound

Steve Lukather joins Nik Brown to chat about his career and Toto's upcoming concert in New Zealand.


Steve Kilbey co-hosts The Morning Sound with Nik Brown

Finally, a co-host who can banter with Nik Brown on The Morning Sound.


Nik Brown chats with the Sugar Man, Rodriguez

Nik Brown talks to Rodriguez about how stardom was like before those long years of hiatus.


The Morning Sound catches up with Sky Sport's Melodie Robinson

We caught up with Mel Robinson ahead of a weekend full of rugby.


Nik & Leah chat to the winner of our trip to Twickenham to see U2

Andrew had a great time watching U2 perform live in Twickenham.


Nik catches up with Craig Lloyd about CRC Speedshow 2017

We are looking forward to this year's speedshow.


Antonia Prebble from Westside joins us in studio

We are looking forward to season 3 of Westside.


The Morning Sound catch up with All Black, Wyatt Crockett

We caught up with Wyatt ahead of the final All Blacks vs Lions game.


Nik and Leah chat to 'Tucker' a Welshman about the Lions Tour

The Lions time in NZ has nearly come to an end.


Melodie Robinson fills us on a big weekend of rugby in NZ

The Morning Sound spoke to Sky Sports Melodie Robinson about the fiesta of Rugby this weekend.