LISTEN: Joe Satriani shares why he isn't doing a lockdown concert

interview 23/04/2020

This week, Nik Brown from the Morning Sound had the opportunity to chat with guitar legend Joe Satriani on the phone. One of the first questions that popped up was around recent reports on Satriani not wanting to engage with lockdown concerts.

"You wouldn't want a paediatrist to do brain surgery or a brain surgeon to do knee surgery, you know? I do a specific thing; I'm not like a singer/songwriter who can just sit down with an acoustic guitar and sing a song."

"Guitar rock instrumental is a unique little sub-genre, and the best venue for it is a good-sized venue, me with the band, making the whole house rock," he says. "So the thought of sitting in front of a webcam in my pyjamas... I know there's money to be made, but I figure I'm not going to do that. I'll let all my good buddies who are really good at being lively in front of a webcam take over for a while."

When Satriani brought up his new record, 'Shapeshifting', Nik described the song '1980' was a trip down memory lane to everything he could remember about the year 1980. "That's where I was, that was my headspace when I wrote that song," Satriani explained. "I just finished months of working on a project to bring the tapes of my 80's band to life. It took us 39 years to get a record deal, and finally, my band got their moment in the sun."

"So when I finished that project, I felt like there was some unfinished business, so I wrote [1980] to celebrate the moment," Satriani said. "I did my best to be like Joe from 1980 and recapture that spirit."

Listen to the full interview above.