Heather ambushes Nik with a pop quiz!

Morning Sound 06/09/2021

It appears that Nik Brown revels in ambushing our listeners with pop quizzes and his "Here's a fun fact!" every 5 minutes during a conversation.

Well, Heather Keats is sick of it (so are we). She wants justice, not only for her sanity, but for the listeners who are subjected to Nik's verbal torture.

Just before the A to Z and the unfortunate Level 4 lockdown, Heather set up a trap for Nik. She scheduled an A to Z brainstorm meeting with Nik and our videographer, where he was ambushed with a pop quiz he couldn't refuse as there was a prize to be won... a copy of Queen's 'Greatest Hits' Collector's Edition Frosted Aqua Cassette – Freddie Mercury Cover.

If he fails to answer each question Heather has for him, they will be giving away this colletor's cassette to a lucky listener on air.

Watch the video above and stay tuned to The Sound.