LISTEN: Nik Brown Speaks with Tim Finn about new project 'Forenzics' with Eddie Rayner

Morning Sound 10/02/2022

Tim Finn joined Nik Brown on The Morning Sound to talk about teaming up again with his former Split Enz band member, Eddie Rayner for a new music project, a group titled 'Forenzics'.

Over the years, Tim and Eddie have revisited lesser-known Split Enz works, using them for inspiration and the basis for new songs, heard on the group's new album 'Shades and Echoes'.

Tim explained how it was the song 'Walking' that kicked things off back in 2020.

"There was a section of 'Walking Down A Road, which was a song we recorded twice" he began talking of the Split Enz song, released in 1975. "The second time was in London, Brian Eno wondered in one day to have a listen and he remarked upon this one section and it just stuck with me in the back of my mind."

"As the decades rolled by, I had this notion that one day we might have a look at that" he continued. "in 2018, I said to Eddie 'why don't we loop that section and try and write a new song?' and so we did."

"Obviously it's incredibly invocative of Split Enz. The musical references all over the place and the lyrics are taken from the original 'Walking Down A Road' and re-assembled".

"It was a really nice way to start the project, with such a strong link to the past".

Shades and Echoes, made up of 14 songs, is out now to listen to in full along with music videos for four of the songs, including Walking, released on YouTube to enjoy

Listen to the full interview above.