WATCH: Nik Brown, Tim Finn & Eddie Rayner celebrate 40 years of Split Enz' Time & Tide Album

Morning Sound 13/04/2022

On April 13th 1982, off the back of consecutive #1 albums True Colours and Waiata, Split Enz entered the studios in 1981, after months of intensive touring to begin work on what would become one of their most personal and creative albums, Time and Tide

The album was produced by rising English producer/engineer Hugh Padgham, already well-known on the music scene for his engineering work with producer Steve Lillywhite on landmark recordings by artists like Peter Gabriel, XTC and Genesis.

Upon it's release in April 1982, Time and Tide became Split Enz' third successive #1 album in Australia and New Zealand, but is also garnered the ire of the BBC with "Six Months in a Leaky Boat" which was banned by the BBC after the controversial sinking of the Argentine warship the General Belgrano by the British Navy during the Falklands War. 

The BBC reportedly included the song on a covert "blacklist" of songs that were not to be played on air due to supposedly negative references to the war: although the BBC vehemently denied the blacklist at the time, they finally admitted to its existence in 1999. 

Nik Brown of the Morning Sound caught up with Tim Finn and Eddie Rayner to talk about that famous release, their memories of the success the album had brought and the subsequent pressures they felt as the band started to unravel. Check out the full interview below.