Billy Joel

Billy Joel's Moscow Meltdown.

Morning Sound

By the time Billy Joel arrived in the Soviet Union for a string of six concerts in 1987, he was visibly worn down from 11 straight months of touring. With the USSR shows costing him two and a half million dollars of his own money, money he knew he'd never earn back, he wanted a great rock show for the fans to be his legacy.

However the initial front row seats were taken by Soviet officials who once bored with the show, gave their tickets to younger fans looking to enjoy themselves. Encouraged by Billy Joel they came to the edge of the stage to party with the Brooklyn pianist and singer.

The problem was the Soviet crowd, raised by decades of Iron Curtain austerity, stopped dancing and froze like deer in headlights when they were lit up, petrified that the security guards would crack down on them. During "Sometimes a Fantasy" Billy Joel took exception to this in spectacular fashion, as shown here!