Gene Simmons tells Nik Brown how KISS manages to stay on top for 45 years

the morning sound 15/11/2018

Earlier this week, Nik Brown had a chance to interview Gene Simmons, a.k.a. The Demon of American rock band KISS.

Co-lead singer and bassist of KISS, Simmons spoke to Nik about how their band continues to go strong for almost half a century.

Watch the full interview on The Morning Sound in the video above. You can use the timestamps below as a guideline.

19 years ago, it was the farewell tour and KISS is still going strong. How is that?
0239 Te reason why tour this will be the real ending of KISS.
0413 KISS will perform 39 years exactly to the day that the band first performed in NZ.
0430 You are the only KISS member who has made an appearance in every single KISS show ever. How do you feel about that?
0812 Did you imagine you'd still be packing houses worldwide like you did back in the day after the huge success back in the day?