Jimmy Barnes: Red Hot Summer Tour 'is going to be a full on rock-and-roll day'

the morning sound 01/01/2019

Jimmy Barnes tells Nik Brown from The Morning Sound that Red Hot Summer Tour "is going to be a full on rock-and-roll show".

When asked upon what songs he'd play at the show, he cheekily teased us with a new record coming out early next year. Not many details has been revealed, except that lucky concert goers will be able to listen to his new material at Red Hot Summer Tour.

Barnes said, "There could be a couple of things in there. I'll be playing a bunch of Chisel songs, I'll be playing a whole bunch of all the stuff that people are expecting here but I'm also playing some new stuff because early next year I've got a new record coming out as well. It's going to be a full on rock-and roll-show."

Nik Brown asked, "Writing the books was leading you down a path to be a storyteller in a whole new realm, yet you can still find time to write a whole new music?"

"The books was sort of like therapy for myself," Barnes says. "It inspired me to write more songs, it inspired me to look deeper in myself and it inspired me to be a better performer. They almost sort of go hand-in-hand."

I never planned to be writing books or touring telling stories, certainly about my darkest inner secrets. But as it turned out, doing all that, I think, has made me a better performer, and a better singer because I'm more in touch with myself.

Listen to the interview above.