Nik Brown chats to Diesel about how it all started for his music career

the morning sound 01/02/2019

Nik Brown from The Morning Sound recently had a chat with Diesel who will be performing at Red Hot Summer Tour this February alongside Jimmy Barnes, The Living End and The Angels.

If I hadn't been on that couch that week, I wouldn't have met Jimmy

Diesel tells Nik Brown how he was just a mere teen when he first met Jimmy Barnes which kicked off their long working relationship. Diesel jokingly said that the universe depends on whose couch you're sleeping on.

Almost 11 years since Diesel had performed in New Zealand, he claims that NZ crowds are a lil' more loose compared to our neighbours who are taking granted of some of their local musicians (not all, of course).

When asked upon if there's a chance for all acts to jam together onstage, Diesel points that Barnes would be a catalyst for that and Diesel wouldn't say no if Barnes asked!

We're definitely looking forward to that when that happens. 

Listen to the full interview above.