Bruce Dickinson chats to Nik Brown on The Morning Sound

the morning sound 16/10/2018

Iron Maiden frontman, Bruce Dickinson joins in on The Morning Sound to talk about new autobiography, "What Does This Button Do?".

Watch the full interview on The Morning Sound in the video above. You can use the timestamps below as a guideline.

How do you find time to do everything?
01:57 How different is the atmosphere to go on a book tour compared to a concert?
02:20 Is there a second book on the way?
03:32 Is a speaking tour something you'd like to do in the future?
05:03 Do you embellish some of the stories?
06:20 Interesting that there's never been a court case about you writing about others.
08:20 When are you going to be back with Iron Maiden to NZ?