Icehouse's Iva Davies says they almost named their band 'Industrial Chili'

Watch 23/12/2019

Recently, Nik Brown had the pleasure of chatting to Iva Davies of Icehouse ahead of their NZ show as part of Platinum Sounds Series next year.

"It got very serious when a management company picked us up and said, 'You need to write songs, you're not going to get anywhere doing these cover songs.' ...and I have never written songs in my life," Davies said.

Listen to the second part of the interview on The Morning Sound in the video above. You can use the timestamps below as a guideline.


0000 You mentioned touring with David Bowie in 1983 when you were still in Flowers, what did you learn from that experience?
0147 As time goes by, you must have noticed that kind of adulation coming towards you coming onto stage as well.
0246 How do you feel about it now, 40 years later?
0414 If you had to select one Icehouse song to go into the 'Greatest of All Time', which would be the one?
0535 You should do an entirely new version of the song to release as a 40th-anniversary.
0710 Your bandmates must be incredible to work with, considering you have that level of trust in them.
0825 Remember the time when you had to change your band name to Icehouse because some other band was named Flowers? Whatever happened to them?