Joe Walsh tells Nik Brown that he was adamant to include NZ into the Eagles' World Tour

the morning sound 04/10/2018

We have just announced that Eagles will be coming to New Zealand in late Feb 2019. Early this morning, Nik Brown had the chance to speak with Eagles' Joe Walsh on The Morning Sound. Listen to the full interview above. You can use the timestamps below as a guideline.

We're stoked that you're coming back to New Zealand!
00:45 There's something magical about the current lineup, tell us about it.
01:56 About Glenn Frey...
02:22 It must have been hard to watch the gradual health decline of your bandmate.
04:45 We're so pleased that Eagles is doing a show in the South Island!
05:18 Does everyone in the band feel that it's a new phase for the Eagles?
06:15 Do you get that feeling when you look over at Deacon and see Glenn there?
07:30 Did you ever think that the Eagles would be doing a world tour in 2019?