Nik Brown chats to Toto guitarist Steve Lukather on The Morning Sound

the morning sound 24/08/2018

Toto will be performing in New Zealand as part of A Summer's Day Live in January 2019. You can see all the details on the official event page.

Listen to Nik Brown's interview with Toto's guitarist, Steve Lukather in the video above.

Last time you were here was with Ringo Starr's all star band?
00:59 With a band like Toto, how do you find time to do other things?
01:25 Do your parents ever call you up to ask when you're getting a real job?
04:37 You once said you had enough with Toto and you were considering leaving the band?
05:26 Those years just flew by, didn't it?
05:50 Why did you pick Weezer's "Hash Pipe" to cover?
07:43 A potential brand new album
08:35 With new changes in technology, is it better or worse?
10:22 NZ tour
11:18 About Toto's previously unreleased material, did you re-examine them and wanted to change them now?