Nik Brown chats with the original Top Gear Stig - Perry McCarthy

Morning Sound 21/07/2018

Listen to Nik Brown interviewing ex-Top Gear Stig, Perry McCarthy above.

00:29 What's it like being a formula one driver for the first time?
01:28 What's it like being a test driver?
02:26 How did you start your gig on Top Gear as Stig?
04:15 How do car companies feel about you trashing their cars?
05:35 What is it like to work with the Top Gear team?
07:27 Thoughts on CRC Speedshow and the race simulators
08:35 Do you have any advice on the race simulators at the Speedshow?
10:50 How do you feel about the great fear about people driving beyond the capabilities of their car?
12:55 Details about Perry's appearance at CRC Speedshow