Steve Kilbey co-hosts The Morning Sound with Nik Brown

the morning sound 17/08/2018

Steve Kilbey from The Church joins Nik Brown on The Morning Sound today. If you have missed it, you can watch the full interview above.

00:12 What got you into music?
02:34 Where did your influence in writing come from?
04:23 Have you ever thought of turning that into a film?
04:43 How did The Church got to where it is today?
06:45 How do you keep going as a guitarist? 
07:40 Was there any tensions with the band when you went solo?
08:46 Do you enjoy collaborating with other artists rather than performing with The Church?
09:10 What runs through your mind while you're performing?
10:18 The performance now of "Starfish" compared to when you first performed it, is it more elaborate?
10:50 Do you think fans will enjoy the performance more now compared to last time?
13:03 Did you project that personality on the outside because you wanted to be like someone like Bowie?
13.20 How do you reconcile with the personality you had as you got older?
14:37 Does it surprise you that other people are influenced by you?
15:37 How does it feel to be a messiah of music?
16:08 What's the next thing for you after "Starfish" anniversary?
16:38 Vinyl or digital?