LISTEN: Nik Brown chats to the Statesmen of NZ Rock and Roll, Dave and Peter from Th' Dudes

Watch 11/11/2019

We're SO PROUD to be presenting Th' Dudes on their reunion 2020 tour!

Lucky us, Rock n' Roll Statesmen, Dave Dobbyn and Peter Urlich took some time off their busy schedule to join Nik Brown on the Morning Sound for a wee chat.

Watch the full interview on The Morning Sound in the video above. You can use the timestamps below as a guideline.

 Did you ever imagine, when you wanted to be a rock n' roller, that you would be an 'aging rock n' roller'?
0212 When did it all started for you guys?
0327 Did the bandmates fall into a band together or was Ian the wrangler or was it Dave?

Further reading:

The band, Chillum, was named after the smoking pipe of the same name that originated from 18th century in India. The oldest specimens of this 'holy pipe' have been spotted in India, South Africa, Jamaica as well as several places in South America. During the '60s, chillums were a popular souvenir among the mass influx of American and European tourists. Although typically chillums are used to smoke hash, Arabic countries would use the pipes to smoke opium while Rastafarians would use the cihllum to smoke marijuana.

In the video, Nik mentioned a bizarre rockstar death. In 2010, ELO cellist, Mike Edwards was crushed to death by a 600kg giant hay bale that rolled down a field and landed on his van near Totnes in Devon. A year later, his death was ruled out as an accidental death and the two farmers were found not guity of health and safety offences.