LISTEN: U2's Adam Clayton rung Nik Brown for a chat

Watch 06/11/2019

U2 has arrived in New Zealand earlier this week and bassist Adam Clayton rung Nik Brown for a quick chat. The band will be playing a two-night-stand here in Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium this Friday and Saturday. (Here's everything you need to know if you are heading to the shows)

Watch the full interview on The Morning Sound in the video above. You can use the timestamps below as a guideline.

Why didn't U2 come to NZ a few years ago for 'The Joshua Tree' tour?
00:50 What's special about 'The Joshua Tree' album?
01:40 One of the most significant songs for us Kiwis was 'One Tree Hill'... Thoughts?
04:07 How do you keep up with the amazing stage setups for your shows?
10:23 Do you prefer playing the bass with flat wound strings or round wound strings?