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90-year-old Western Springs speedway granted lease extension

Morning Sound 15/03/2019

By Nik Brown

The Speedway at Western Springs has been granted an eleventh-hour lease extension after a lengthy meeting between Auckland Council, Regional Facilities Auckland (RFA) and the speedway promoter.

However, the gritty details to the deal were not revealed, including the length of the extension, but an announcement from both parties are expected today.

If you haven't been keeping up to date, the speedway's 90-year-history is due to end after Saturday's meeting as the promoters have spent seven years trying to secure a new venue.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Kudos to Phil Goff, the Auckland Mayor & the city council for the decision to keep Speedway at Western Springs until a suitable alternative has been found.

I could bang on in detail about the RFA debacle & clear bias toward self-interest at the expense of the ratepayer, but I'm sure all that sh*t will eventually come out. Weird though, that the deal with Speedway is precisely the same deal that the council agreed to last year!

The World Midget Series at Western Springs in 2005.
The World Midget Series at Western Springs in 2005.

But the good news continues, that other mob the RFA tried to screw a couple of years ago, The Warriors, are back in action this weekend against the Doggies & Auckland Cricket get to stay at their home too.

The thing is though, where ever you are, remember the council are elected by you to take care of Our community, and it's your money they are spending. Let's hold them to the task.