Milestones in rock - April 1st - April 14th

The Sound Drive 31/03/2017

SAT April 1

Born 1946 Ronnie Lane, bass player with Small Faces,

born 1954 The late Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro is born. 

1966 Britain's Pye Records releases David Bowie's first solo single: "Do Anything You Say" backed with "Good Morning Girl." Bowie has previously recorded as David Jones and the Lower Third. (1966)

1979 The Who's "The Kids Are Alright" LP is released.

1980 John Lennon's "Woman," from "Double Fantasy," turns gold. The 45 is the third Top Ten hit from the LP. (1980)

1984 Marvin Gaye is killed by a gunshot wound in Los Angeles in an argument with his father. He was 44 years old. Gaye's father received probation after pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter.

1985 David Lee Roth leaves Van Halen to pursue a solo career.

1992 Billy Idol pleaded no contest to punching a woman in the face. He was fined and told to make public service announcements against alcohol and drug use. 

SUN April 2, 

Born Leon Russell  (1941) Keyboard player with the likes of Jerry L Lewis, The Byrds, The Stones & Joe Cocker

1967 Steve Winwood left The Spenser Davis group to become part of Traffic.

1972 John Lennon and Yoko Ono hold a news conference in New York to discuss their appeal of the Immigration Department's decision to deport John.

1971 Ringo Starr releases his solo hit, "It Don't Come Easy." It was produced by George Harrison & would become Starrs first top-10 hit. 

1999 The Black Crowes play a concert in Knoxville, Tennesee. Joshua Harmon, a teenager sitting in the second row, files suit against the band, their promoter, the theatre and the sound company a year later for $385,000 claiming significant hearing loss. (1999)

Mon April 3

Dee Murray, guitarist for Elton John, is born. (1946)

Melissa Etheridge, She was born & breed in Kansas (1961)

The Everly Brothers later named by the Beatles and Rolling Stone Keith Richards as prime influences, make their British concert debut, kicking off their first U.K. tour. (1960)

Bob Dylan makes his first entry into the U.K. pop chart with "The Times They Are A-Changin'." (1964)

Steve Miller is charged with setting fire to the clothes and personal effects of a friend, Benita DiOrio. When police arrive at Miller's place, Miller tussles with some of them too and is also charged with resisting arrest. The incident is quickly forgotten as the next day when DiOrio asks to drop the charges and Miller jokes with reporters that the publicity might "rekindle" his career. (1975)

Van Halen's "Van Halen II" goes gold just five days before the band takes off on a triumphant ten-month tour. The long trip is the opposite of the way Van Halen records. For their second LP, they took a mere six days in the studio, one-third the time required for their first album. (1979)

Tue April 4

Muddy Waters - born - McKinley Morganfield 1915 blues singer / guitaritst - major influence on todays writers. 

Barry Oakley, bassist for the Allman Brothers, (1948) Orgional founding member untill he died in 1972.

born ex Thin Lizzy Irish Rocker Gary Moore - 91' Still got ....(1952)

Born Dave Hill – Slade guitarist 

1976 today from London Tim Finn rang his little brother Neil to invite him to join his band Split Enz who were touring at that stage in Europe.  

British CBS releases the Clash's self-titled first album, a 14 song which contains such punk battle-crys as "White Riot," "Police and Thieves" and "London's Burning." CBS in the U.S. refuses to release it until 1979 and even then will get rid of the more virulent songs. Meantime, Americans will buy 100,000 imported copies of "The Clash," making it one of the biggest-selling import records of all time. (1977)

++++++1964 – Video Cassette Recorders were introduced into the American market   

1968 The Rev Martin Luther King was assassinated outside his Hotel room in Memphis

U2 – Pride – is a tribute 

1988 – 86 year old Dorrie Venning sets a new world record at the friendly Games – 100 m breastroke – went on to hold a total of six world records in the breastroke. 

Wed April 5

1994 – Kurt Cobain died after shooting himself in the head. His body would not be discovered until April 8th. 

1998 Cozy Powell UK Rock drummer killed in a car crash at age 50

1970 A New Yjonoork Times article defends rock music as "the most popular of creative arts today." (1970)

1971 As reported by the Los Angeles Times, the New School for Social Research in New York City is one of the first institutions to offer a course on rock & roll music. (1971)

REM played their first gig together today 1980 it was at Kathleen O'briens 20th birthday. (a friend)

Canned Heat vocalist Bob "the Bear" Hite dies of a heart attack in Venice, California. He was 36 years old. (1981) he weighed 300 lbs.

The second annual MTV Video Music Awards are broadcast. Winners include Michael Jackson for "Beat It," the Police for "Every Breath You Take" and Cyndi Lauper for "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." (1984)

The Doors' Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger play at the Whisky in Los Angeles. Manzarek reminisced about The Doors' days at the club. (2000)

++++++1974 The World Trade Centre opened in NY city  

1919 – NZ gains Olympic status. Recognized for the first time as a separate Olympic nation (aside from Australia)  

Thu April 6,

Frank Black of The Pixies is born in the US.

Steve Miller, on tour in England, writes an article for Billboard decrying the British rock scene as "more an industry than a scene...It's at a low, lifeless point...The only good bands I've seen are Traffic, Marmalade and Procul Harum. I've seen bands doing queer bits in their underwear to get attention." (1968)

Pink Floyd announces founder Syd Barrett has officially left the group. His interest in LSD outweighed his commitment to music. Suffered from psychiatric disorders compounded by drug use. (1968)

"Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones" opens at New York City's Ziegfeld Theatre. The premiere is turned into an event: a 40-foot hight Rolling Stone winged tongue that rises in the air, 2,000 white doves are released and a 65-foot long dragon is flown in from San Francisco. (1974)

The first ever made for TV Music festival California Jam rock festival pulls in 200,000 people to see such acts as Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Black Oak Arkansas and the Eagles. The event runs with no problems, in fact it begins 15 minutes early. (1974)

The punk/new wave group Blondie has its first big hit in the U.S. with "Heart of Glass." The tune goes platinum on this date, two months after it hit Number One. (1979)

Rod Stewart marries actor George Hamilton's ex- wife Alana Hamilton in Beverly Hills. (1979)

Miami Steve Van Zandt announces that he's leaving the E Street Band. Springsteen hires on guitarist Nils Lofgren as the replacement. (1985)

+++++++1986 The Concorde visits NZ for the first time – landing at Akld Airport 

She took 16 hours London – Akld, compares with 29 hours in a normal passenger jet.

Flying at more than twice the speed of sound – 2172 Kph (Mach2) 

Fri April 7

 1977 the Clash released their first album (self titled) 

1962 Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Mick Taylor meet Brian Jones at the Ealing Club, a London hangout for those who like the blues.   

1975 Richie Blackmore, lead guitar player for Deep Purple, leaves the group. The attempts to carry on with Tommy Bolin at Blackmore's spot. However, next year they give it up after making one more record, "Come Taste the Band." (1975)  

1976 The Band farewell concert dubbed 'The Last Waltz' rec on Thanksgiving Day 1976 released (triple LP) April 7th 1978,  It is the soundtrack to the 1978 film of the same name, and the final album by the original Band. 

1979 The two-day California Music Festival at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum opens. 110,000 people pour in and makes $1.2 million. The promoters claim it's a finacial loss though performers like Aerosmith, the Bootown Rats, Cheap Trick, Ted Nugent and Van Halen make appearances. (1979)  

1981 Early Who manager Kit Lambert dies after falling down a flight of stairs in his mother's London home. With his partner Chris Stamp, Lambert oversaw the Who from 1964 through 1967 and produced many of their albums including "The Who Sell Out" and "Tommy." (1981)  

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band start their first European tour in Hamburg, Germany. (1981)  

++++++1977 The very first Fair Go was screened on NZ TV, Created by Producer Peter Morritt & Presenter Brian Edwards. It was NZ’s favorite show behind Country Calendar    

born Russell Crowe (1964) Wellington

SAT April 8, 

Born Seve Howe, guitarist with Yes and Asia, is born. (1947)

Born Guns 'n' Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin is born. (1962)

Born Julian Lennon is born. (1963)

1973 Neil Young's docu-autobiography, "Journey through the Past," premieres at the US Film Festival in Dallas. Young is typically ambiguous when describing the film, a bunch of scenes and images throughout his career: "It's a collection of thoughts. Every scene meant something to me -- although with some of them I can't say what." (1973)

Elton John earns another gold record. "Bennie and the Jets" has John smiling even more as it's a big hit on the R&B charts as well. (1974)

SUN April 9

1965 The Rolling Stones make their first live appearance on British TV's "Ready Steady Go!" (1965)

1989 Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman announces he's to marry 19 year old Mandy Smith. He reveals the two have been dating for 6 years. 

1973,  Paul McCartney released "My Love," a slightly syrupy ballad which would become his biggest U.S. solo hit to date, staying at #1 for four weeks.

1974, At Charley's Place in Harvard Square, Massachusetts, Bruce Springsteen met Jon Landau, rock critic-turned-producer and manager. Soon thereafter Landau wrote the now infamous line, "I saw the rock and roll future and its name is Springsteen." Landau would become instrumental in Springsteen's ensuing monumental fame and fortune, and remains his manager to this day.

1981 Pretenders guitarist James Honeyman-Scott marries Peggy Sue Fender in London. (1981)

MON April 10th 

BRIAN SETZER (Guitarist and singer with hit '80s rockabilly/boogie-woogie/big band The Stray Cats and later the Brian Setzer Orchestra; moved to London from Long Island, where The Stray Cats first struck it big; has recorded with Dave Edmunds, The Clash's Joe Strummer [1996's Guitar Slinger album], Rickie Lee Jones and Dan Hicks; he played Eddie Cochran [at the request of Eddie's mother] in the 1987 film La Bamba; "Stray Cat Strut," "Rock This Town," "[She's] Sexy 17," "The House Is Rockin'," "Jump, Jive, An' Wail," "The Dirty Boogie") Born in 1959 in Long Island, New York.

1973 Led Zeppelin get a gold record for "Houses of the Holy," the first of their five LPs not eponymously titled. (1973)

1967, Marvin Gaye recorded his version of 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine'. The song was first recorded by The Miracles and had also been a million seller in 1967 for Gladys Knight and the Pips.

1970, At a concert in Boston, Jim Morrison dragged off stage by keyboardist Ray Manzarek during a concert after he paused to ask the audience, "Does anyone wants to see my genitals?" Apparently, he had some takers.

1971, The Doors' single "Love Her Madly" was released from the L.A. Woman album.

1970, In a press release announcing his imminent debut solo album, Paul McCartney quit The Beatles. McCartney was released 10 days later.

Tuesday April 11, 2008

Chris Difford of Squeeze is born. (1954)

Stuart Adamson of Big Country is born. (1958) He killed himself in Dec 2001. Depression got the better of him.  

 Bob Dylan played his first pro gig today 1961 @ New York's Greenwich Village club, opening for bluesman John Lee Hooker. (1961) He debuted "Blowin' In The Wind" during his set.

 Both the Beatles and Rolling Stones perform at the New Musical Expresss poll winners' concert. Also performing are  the Animals, Kinks, Moody Blues,    Them & Dusty Springfield (1965)

Peter Green, founding member of Fleetwood Mac, announces he will leave the band on May 25 to devote himself to "what God would have me do." (1970)

1976 After doing a show for 40,000 in Sydney, Austrailia, Alice Cooper is placed under house arrest at his hotel until he posts a bond for $59,632. It's the sum a local promoter claims to have paid Cooper for an 1975 Austrailia tour he never made. The two settle when it is found that the promoter did not fulfill his part of the agreement either. (1976)

Van Halen lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen weds Valerie Bertinelli, costar of the 1980's television hit, "One Day at a Time." (1981) their son Wolfgang was born ten yrs later, he's 11 this year.

+++++ 1919 today a Prohibition poll held in NZ showed 13,000 people (the majority) were in favour – 

The closest NZ has become to going “dry”

Wed April 12

John Kay, songwriter, guitarist and singer with Steppenwolf, is born. (1944)

David Cassidy is born. (1950)

Bob Dylan performs at his first major solo concert at Town Hall in New York City. Billboard's review is " the stuff of which legends are made...His talent will be around for a long, long time." (1963)

 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's live Four Way Street is certified gold even before it hits the LP chart. The double record set makes it to Number One giving the quartet the distinction of two Number One albums in two tries. It's the last LP the four will record together until 1988's American Dream. (1971)

The movie version of "Tommy" opens. (1975)

The former vocalist with Elvin Bishop, Mickey Thomas, replaces Marty Balin as lead singer with Jefferson Starship. (1979)

+++++1961 – the race to be the first to land on the Moon began when Astronaut Yurgi Gagarin (Russian) became the first man in space

Thu April 13

Best new artist at the 7th annual Grammy Awards (1965) are The Beatles – the fab four also take home best vocal by a vocal group for “A Hard Days Night“

Jack Cassady, bassist with Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna, is born. (1944)

Max Weinberg, drummer for the E Street Band, is born. (1951)

Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" and the album "Chicago Transit Authority" both go gold. (1970)

The Rolling Stones release "Brown Sugar" the first record on their own label, Rolling Stones Records, which introduces the infamous licking-tongue-and- lips logo. On May 29, the song becomes Number One single. (1971)

Five days into Van Halen's latest tour, David Lee Roth collapses from exhaustion on stage in Spokane, Washington.  he was diagonised as suffering from a stomach virus and told to settle down. (1979)

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers release their album Echo. (1999)

Fri April 14

1956 – the first commercial video recorder is demonstrated by the Ampex Company in Chicago.

1983 today – the first cordless telephone was introduced


Ritchie Blackmore, guitarist with Deep Purple and Rainbow, is born. (1945)  

David Bowie releases the first single from his conceptual "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" -- "Starman" backed with "Suffragette City." "Ziggy" will remain on the LP chart for more than a year and will finally break Bowie in the U.S. (1972)  

Pete Townshend appears for the first time as a soloist. The leader of the Who performs at the benefit, accompanied only by his homemade tapes. (1974)  

1980 Pete Townshend's "Empty Glass" LP is released. (1980)  

Having already received two gold records for the albums, "The Captain and Me" and "What Once Were Vices Are Now Habits," the Doobie Brothers pick up their first gold single for their country flavored "Black Water." (1975)  

The Knack release their second album just seven months after their first, "Get the Knack." The second is titled "...but the little girls understand." (1980)  

Gary Numan releases "The Touring Principle," a 45 minute concert video. It is the first commercially available home rock videocassette. (1980)  

Pete Farndon of the Pretenders dies of a drug overdose. He had been fired from the band the year before because of his drug problem. He was 29 years old. (1983)  

Fleetwood Mac's "Tango In The Night" is released. (1987)  

Tom Petty's "Full Moon Fever" LP is released. (1989)