Remembering Soundgarden's Chris Cornell

RIP Chris Cornell 19/05/2017

Shocked and saddened on hearing the news last night that one of the best voices in the business and one of the Grunge architects Chris cornell had died  

Cornell's 4 octive vocal range had him as one of the most respected singers in modern rock today - Known   (perhaps most famously) as the frontman with Seattle act Soundgarden in the 90's - prior to that he had founded and fronted Temple of the Dog,  also the lead vocalist in Audioslave from the early to mid 2000's 

Wednesday evening (Thu NZ time) after performing a show with Soundgarden at the Fox Theatre in The Motor city Detroit - Cornell was found dead in his Hotel room at the MGM Grand 

His death declared to be "suicide by hanging" 

Cornell after leaving school early due to severe depression that saw him hardly ever able to leave his home went onto become a Sea food specialist and qualified sous-chef -  Depression was later in life masked by other addictions - which Cornell had fought and been clean of for some years 

Chris is survived by 3 children - 17 year old daughter Lillian Jean to his first wife and Toni & Chris his 12 & 13 year old Daughter & Son to 2nd wife  Vicky Kara-yannis, -  Chris had some ten years ago converted to the Greek Orthodox Church through her influence.

Chris Cornell was just 52

-Robert Taylor