LISTEN: Woodsie chats with Dean Shaw

The Sound Drive 03/08/2022

Ahead of the Boss Tour around New Zealand, Woodsie spoke with lead singer, Dean Shaw.

Speaking of how he came to join the band as the lead singer, Shaw said "I was asked by Adrian, our bass player, if we well, if I wanted to sing some songs for the Springsteen band and, uh, I thought, Yeah, why not? Let's give it a go."

Ofcourse we've all got a first memory of Bruce Springsteen, so Woodsie asked what Shaw's connection to 'The Boss' was.

Well, who hasn't listened to Bruce Springsteen over the years and listened to the Born in the USA album?

It was always on the radio. It just felt like I knew it and in my bones. So why not give it a crack?

When speaking of what exactly resonated with him when hearing it on the radio, shaw explained "Just how life can be hard, but It can also be bloody good."

"you know, growing up that life has its challenges. And for me personally, there were some challenges with family and parents and school, I guess leaving school early and just getting into work and just a desire to to make something in my life. The constant battles of of living."

Ahead of the Boss Tour, Shaw said they've changed up the set times.  Not just for the sake of the audience, but also themselves he joked.

"This year we've turned it down a bit. We're down to two and a half hours.

Our first gig here was on the cusp of four, which was a little long for our audience and  probably us. So we've tried to narrow it down to to a more manageable seating time. So two and a half hours felt about right."

Listen to the full chat below: