Alice Cooper shares his preferred nickname to Drive host, Robert Taylor

The Sound Drive 28/08/2019

Our Drive show host, Robert Taylor had the chance to catch up with Alice Cooper ahead of his NZ leg of his Ol' Black Eyes Is Back tour.

Listen to their chat below.

Cooper said that everybody calls him Alice until he met one of the greatest American comedians, Groucho Marx. "... and Groucho Marx said 'I can't call you Alice, I'm calling you Coop.'"

Coop explained that he'd been called Coop for so long, he "doesn't even react to his real name Vince anymore. Only his mother calls him Vince and Rolling Stones' Keith Richards who calls him Vinnie.

Alice Cooper will be returning to New Zealand in February 2020 with his all-new 'Ol' Black Eyes Is Back' show. See the full details here.