LISTEN: Billy Idol says he wants to spend more time to explore New Zealand

interview 24/12/2019

The other day, Robert Taylor from the Sound Drive had the chance to catch up with Billy Idol, ahead of his Western Springs gig this January 2020 and Summer Concert Tour in Taupo.

Listen to the interview on The Sound Drive in the video above. You can use the timestamps below as a guideline.

0009: What sticks in your mind the most about performing in New Zealand?
0040: When did you choose to play more dance-melodic material as opposed to punk, as a well-known punk artist?
0155: It was 'Dancing with Myself' that opened a few doors for you early in your career, what was the inspiration behind the song?
0250: New Zealand really enjoyed 'Rebel Yell', more than any other countries in the world.
0343: Is there any stories behind 'The Dead Next Door'?
0357: There was a lot of people dying of drug overdose, and you were almost one of them, weren't you?