Alice Cooper: I've probably got the best touring band out there right now

The Sound Drive 28/08/2019

Our Drive show host, Robert Taylor had the chance to catch up with Alice Cooper ahead of his NZ leg of his Ol' Black Eyes Is Back tour.

"It was unbelievable," Alice Cooper said. "We just finished the first leg of the tour in the States and I've probably got the best touring band out of anybody out there right now."

Listen to the interview with Robert Taylor below.

"My female guitar player, Hurricane Nita Strauss just won best female guitarist. She looks like a Victoria's Secret model and plays like Eddie Van Halen. She's amazing." He continued, "And my drummer [Glen Sobel], just won best drummer in rock and roll. So, pretty decent band!"

This band knocks everybody off the stage, they're so good

Cooper also talked about how he went back to look for old Detroit songs as well as writing some fresh tracks for his latest 'Breadcrumbs' EP. He recruited many Detroit musicians on the EP as well.

'Detroit's still the hard rock capital of the world,' Cooper explained.

Alice Cooper will be returning to New Zealand in February 2020 with his all-new 'Ol' Black Eyes Is Back' show. See the full details here.

Nita Strauss