Robert Taylor chats to Paul Kelly about his 24th album, "Nature"

The Sound Drive 12/10/2018

Paul Kelly was in our studios recently to talk about his latest album, "Nature" with Robert Taylor on The Sound Drive.

Watch the full interview on The Sound Drive in the video above. You can use the timestamps below as a guideline.


00:11 What do you like most about New Zealand?
Your music is very emotive, why is that?
02:28 The making of "How to Make Gravy"
04:36 Number one album last year
05:12 What does it mean to be in The Order of Australia?
05:40 New album, "Nature" and single: Tell us about the music video to "With The One I Love"
06:40 After 40 years, does it get harder to write music?
08:04 You're writing music from completly polarising opposite way than you used to?Which poets have you referenced?
10:41 Your daughters are also on your album, tell us about it.
11:43 Do you think being ecletic has kept you alive musically?