Bert chats to director Richard Lowenstein on 'Mystify: Michael Hutchence' documentary

listen 25/07/2019

Robert Taylor had the chance to speak to the director of an upcoming INXS documentary on their frontman titled 'Mystify: Michael Hutchence'.

Director Richard Lowenstein, who also directed 'Dogs in Space', explained that it was a "very long and complicated road of convincing one person after another".  "We knew nothing accurate has been done before. There's been a couple of sensationalist tabloid-style documentaries, there's been a drama... But no one who actually knew Michael could recognise him in any of those shows," Lowenstein said.

Without that assault, he would still be alive today

Lowenstein's main goal for this documentary was to uncover the truths about Michael Hutchence, which was all done through research and the production of the film. 

Listen to the exclusive interview above (footage courtesy from the trailer of the film). Watch the full trailer to the documentary below.

The documentary will be screening in select cinemas across New Zealand from 26th July - 10th August. Check out the full details to how you can watch this documentary live at New Zealand's International Film Festival here. The first show has already been sold out, be sure to book your tickets ASAP!