WATCH: Robert Taylor's full interview with Th' Dudes

The Sound Drive 11/11/2019

We're very excited to be presenting Th' Dudes on their reunion 2020 tour!

Watch Robert Taylor's full interview with Th' Dudes in the video above.

You can use the timestamps below as a guideline.


0005 Where are the rest of the boys?
0024 What have you been up to these years, Dave?
0106 What about you, Peter?
0138 What's the criteria to be inducted into the NZ Hall of Fame?
0240 Tell us about Th' Bliss Tour
0319 What was the first song you wrote for Th' Dudes, Dave?
0433 What was the working title for 'Be Mine Tonight'? Tell us about that song.
0535 Didn't you used to suffer from agrophobia (like Mike Chunn)?
0615 Peter, what about you, what's the first song you wrote?
0840 You lads came from Sacred Heart, didn't you?
0940 What does it mean to receive the legacy award?
1020 You've lived another life since Th Dudes, so what does rock n' roll mean to you now?
1059 When was the last time you heard something that made you go, "yeah that's rock n' roll
1157 What about you, Peter, what was the best gig you've seen in a while?
1303 Who's replacing Ian Morris?

Nita Strauss