The Sound Going Underground

Join Mark Smith as he spotlights the very best in punk, progressive, new wave, alternative classics, and beyond.

Going Underground is "The Best Two Hours On The Radio Ever!".

That's the repeated response to this great show from listeners.

Hi, this is Mark Smith and for two hours on Saturday evenings, The Sound has taken a risk by letting me take a break from the mainstream, to bring back to easy access, free to air media, the lost music of a generation with attitude.

It's a weekly journey through Punk, Post Punk, New Romantic, New Wave, Goth, Alt and Indie music that leaves you wanting more.

It's about music and culture that has an emotional connection with the audience.

It’s appointment listening on FM, online and on rova.

It’s non-researched, non-focus grouped, non-consultant approved radio entertainment.

It's prepared, produced and presented by me - Mark Smith - and it's really good!

It's a raw, no budget weekly music show that provokes brain activity, challenges the woke, and stands up while mass media is being dumbed down!

Saturday 6pm to 8pm and then repeated Wednesday nights from 10pm.


Or find out how you can download and listen to the Going Underground Music Station on rova here:

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