WATCH: Queen + Adam Lambert wraps up NZ tour, Elton John and Bernie Taupin wins at Oscars and more

News 12/02/2020

Missed out on last week's news in the rock music world? Heather's got you covered. Watch the video below to check out Elton John's performance at the Oscars, Queen + Adam Lambert's special Led Zeppelin cover at Dunedin, Keith Richards quitting smoking and more.

How good was Queen + Adam Lambert? Five well-earned stars! 


Speaking of stars… how good was Dr Brian May? 

Now I may be slightly biased, given my very genuine nerdy obsession with the man… but the show at Mt Smart Stadium on Friday (7th Feb) was somewhat of a personal homage to himself. He delivered perfect guitar solo’s time and time again.. and took the audience on an astronomical journey through space with not just his shirt (one of the many costume changes), but also through the images on the massive and jaw-dropping screens. He tastefully synced with the late Freddie Mercury on an acoustic set that brought tears to the eyes of many.. and allowed his other original band member his own time to shine.

The mysterious and moody Roger Taylor. Now I must admit, I rolled my eyes a little at the beginning, when he kept his sunglasses on for the first few songs until Adam Lambert introduced him to the crowd. The sun had set. And he is not Bono. But, the dude still got it and showed all percussionists how it’s supposed to be done. He also still has a fairly decent voice! Belting out his own “I’m In Love with My Car”, while keeping his own time perfectly.

But the standing O has to go to Adam Lambert. A flamboyant, energetic spotlight hungry pop star… who is the only one in the world that could genuinely do Freddie proud by belting out his tunes. Adam can sing… his range, power and personality shone through every note and every cheeky bat of his eyelids. His costumes, props and makeup added to his stage presence, without being distracting. And the connection with Brian and Roger appeared genuine and loving. 

I could go on and on about the music, the screens, the light show and the massive disco mirror ball… but honestly, all you need to know, is that this is one of the best concerts I have been to… ever. 

Well done Queen + Adam Lambert. 

And thanks for the singalong. 

- Heather Keats

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