Music News Weekly Wrap: Peter Green tribute, new Lynyrd Skynyrd film, David Byrne on SNL and more

News 05/03/2020

Missed out on last week's news in the rock music world? Heather's got you covered. Watch the video below where Heather talks about the the star-studded Peter Green tribute concert, Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes telling off a noisy audience, rightfully so, Saturday Night Live's awful sketch, 'Airport Sushi', featuring David Byrne, and Billy Idol's new NYC campaign called... Billy Never Idles.

Chris Robinson tells off noisy audience: Jim Powers
Peter Green Tribute concert 'Oh Well' performance: Mike Baess
Street Survivors movie trailer: Cleopatra Entertainment
David Byrne 'Airport Sushi': Saturday Night Live
David Byrne 'Once in a Lifetime: Saturday Night Live

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