Eagles fans bumps into Joe Walsh while taking a stroll in Dunners

News 05/03/2019

Have you ever bumped into one of your rock heroes, and suddenly, you're exchanging small talks, taking self-portraits, getting his signature on a record... No?

Well, that was exactly what happened to one of our Eagles concert tickets winners, Hayden McKay and his partner, Tania. They were casually walking down a street in Dunedin where they spotted Joe Walsh walking on the same street. The Eagles guitarist was in town to play a gig at Forsyth Barr Stadium last Saturday.

McKay also said that he ran to the nearest record store to purchase a 'Hotel California' record just so Walsh was able to sign it for them. "What a cool experience to meet such a legend," Hayden says.

Signed record from Walsh
Tania McKay (left), Joe Walsh, and Hayden McKay.
The McKays' view of the stage at the Dunners gig.