Your Turn Ten at 10

The Sound Workday

Throughout November, we're taking our hands off the Ten at 10 wheel and putting you in charge!

Tune in now at 10AM every weekday with Heather Keats hosting your suggested themes and songs.

Past themes:

  • 1st Nov - Power Ballads
    by Shannon Macfarlane
  • 4th Nov - Cities and Destinations
    by Ady Chapman
  • 5th Nov - Take me Home, Cab Driver
    by Kylie Conning
  • 6th Nov - Gone but Not Forgotten
    Bernard Wright
  • 7th Nov - Songs with "fire" in the title
    By Lana Hutchinson
  • 8th Nov - British Bands
    By Anna Snowling
  • 11th Nov - The Beatles Best B Sides
    By Neil Hornblow
  • 12th Nov - Music to Bite Into
    by Steve Acherman
  • 13th Nov - Legends Born in December
    by Jolene Pigget
  • 14th Nov - Kiwi Hits of 1969
    by John Newton
  • 15th Nov - America
    by Gary Miller
  • 18th Nov - Story Songs
    by Melanie Farmer
  • 19th Nov - Blue Songs
    by Rus Holland