Stevie Nicks reveals the big secret behind her hit 'Moonlight'

Music 13/06/2017

Back in 2011 Stevie Nicks released her 7th solo studio album, In Your Dreams.

The album had huge success with many critics saying it was the best album of her career.

During a visit to The Late Late Show With James Corden Stevie joined actors Taylor Lautner and Zach Galifianakis to reveal some facts behind the album.

She told Taylor who starred in the hit teen movie sage, Twilight that those movies actually inspired the entire In Your Dreams album.

After she saw the first film she was inspired to write the song Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream).

She love the song so much but she didn’t think it fit in with the other songs she wrote, so she took a risk and wrote an entire album surrounding Moonlight and the result turned out to be one of best albums yet.