Phil Collins shares the real story behind 'In the Air Tonight'

The meaning behind this classic song has caused a lot of discussion over the years.

Over the years there's been a lot of talk around the meaning of Phil Collins' iconic song 'In the Air Tonight'.

One of the most commonly believed messages behind 'In the Air Tonight' is that Phil Collins wrote it about a man who could have saved another man from drowning but chose not to.

There have also been plenty of variations on this myth including one that mentions Phil Collins was on a boat with a friend when his buddy fell overboard. Phil Collins couldn’t swim, so called out for a guy on a nearby dock to come save his friend, but the guy just sat there and watched while the man drowned.

Most of these stories include an ending where Phil Collins eventually invites the offending guy to one of Collins’ concerts, giving him a front row seat, then sings In the Air Tonight and reveals to the crowd how this man stood by and let someone die when he could have saved him.

These messages however are just myths as Phil Collins has pointed out.

In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, Phil Collins tells him the truth behind the hit song, which is actually about going through a divorce.

Check out the full interview above.