WATCH: AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck' gets reinvented with Chinese instrument

Must See 19/07/2022

AC/DC's 1990 anthem 'Thunderstruck' has been reinvented and reinterpreted over the years as dance mixes, by a guy playing the bagpipes, even a washing machine, and now by a striking musician from Hong Kong.

Angus Young's fiddly intro and the main riff to 'Thunderstruck' get an unusual rework from Hong-Kong-based Youtuber ‘Moyun’ (who has never shown her face on camera) plays the iconic song on the guzheng - a traditional Chinese instrument. 

Do yourself a favour and check out the amazing skills of this young lady as she takes AC/DC from the West to the East.

The story of the guzheng stretches far back in time - many believe the instrument was invented in China around 220 BC.

The fact that someone is still able to play it today is pretty unbelievable - that’s over 2000 years that the instrument has been around.

Most guhzengs have 21 strings, but that number can be as high as 26 and has increased over the years. It’s a very diverse instrument, allowing for both percussion and more guitar/synth-sounding notes. 

Both the instrument and Moyun's cover are extremely impressive, and it’s pretty incredible to see the legendary song transcend cultures, borders, and time.