Alice Cooper tells us how New Zealand fans compare to the rest of the world

Alice Cooper tells us how New Zealand fans compare to the rest of the world

Alice talks to Woodsie about his most recent album "Road", touring, working with the Hollywood Vampires and more.
18 January 2024 8:50AM

Speaking with Woodsie, Alice Cooper told us about his recent tour experiences within the Hollywood Vampires and the dynamics of working with iconic figures such as Johnny Depp and Joe Perry. 

"There was a level of respect and professionalism," Cooper recalls, "but also a sense of family. We were all in it together." Cooper speaks about the tour with an undeniable sense of pride, remarking, "One of the best tours I've ever been on... the band was so good. There was this energy on stage that was electric." Further illustrating the tight-knit atmosphere within the Hollywood Vampires, Cooper adds, "There's never been an argument in that band. We're all here to create something memorable."

Cooper then took us back to his beginnings, outlining the inception of his character as a response to the squeaky-clean image of the Beatles. 

“I've always found that for some reason this band has been, or anything to do with me, has ended up being theatrical.” Speaking of his first show at 15, Cooper said “ We decided to do a parody of the Beatles, the Beatles Wigs, and you know, and it was funny.”

“I mean it just stayed with us. It just was in our blood, it was in our DNA somewhere, and so he just kept developing and developing until I finally said I am going to create my favorite rock star and I'm going to play him. Because I'm not going to be him, I'm going to play him. So I created Alice to be this vampiric phantom with the makeup and the snakes and all these things that we're going to upset every parent in America and all over the world, and it was easy to shock an audience back then.”

Cooper went on to say "I felt it was important to show this other side. To let the audience know that behind the theatrics and the makeup, there's a human being with feelings." He believes this blend of shock and sensitivity is integral to his lasting appeal, stating, "I always wanted one of those [ballads] on the album, because the rest of the album is guitar-driven hard rock... that little gem of a heartbreaker."

Cooper then told Woodsie what it’s like performing in New Zealand, compared to the rest of the world.

 "I love the Kiwi fans. They've got this energy that's just infectious," he says. 

"The first time we played in Auckland, I remember looking out into the crowd and thinking, 'This is something special.' And every time we've returned, they've welcomed us with open arms."

Listen to the full chat between Alice Cooper and Woodsie below: