David Bowie honoured with new statue in Liverpool

David Bowie honoured with new statue in Liverpool

His long-time friend/guitarist unveiled the new statue and shared some words about the late singer.

Musical icon David Bowie has been honoured with a brand new statue of him being put up in Liverpool.

The statue depicts a taller Bowie standing in front of, and gesturing to a smaller bust of his head, in front of a wall with a smashed hole in it.

A lifesize statue of the late David Bowie created by artist Chris Butler, which is to be unveiled during the World David Bowie Fan Convention at St George's Hall, in Liverpool. Picture date: Friday June 17, 2022.

It comes as The David Bowie World Fan Convention arrives in Liverpool, which will be based at the city's waterfront. 

Carlos Alomar, Bowie’s guitarist from the mid-70s to early 2000s, unveiled the statue in front of ITV cameras.

Alomar told ITV that the wall in the statue is a depiction of the Berlin wall, which holds a deeper meaning relating to the 'Let's Dance' artist. 

“We all love him because we found a different him every time he came about. Everybody loves a different Bowie," he said. "And ‘who can I be now?’ is exactly the way that I live my life based on this man right now.”

The statue was made by sculptor Andrew Edwards, who has made other statues of British icons, such as The Beatles and Sir Alex Ferguson.

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