Ex-wife Renate Blauel sues Elton John for $4.5 million

News 24/07/2020

Elton John's ex-wife Renate Blauel is suing him for more than $4.5 million NZD on grounds that he has violated the terms to their divorce agreement in his 2019 autobiography titled Me.

Blauel has filed an injunction last month, hoping to resolve the violation "amicably". Unfortunately, it remains unresolved and she is pursuing the lawsuit. New documents has arised stating that John had removed certain sections about their relationship before the book was published... but some longtime mental-health issues were brought up in the finalised edition of the autobiography.

In the book, John had described the agony he suffered during the divorce with Blauel and his struggle to accept his sexuality. He wrote, "I'd broken the heart of someone I loved and who loved me unconditionally, someone I couldn't fault in any way. Despite all the pain, there was no acrimony involved at all. For years afterwards, whenever something happened to me, the press would turn up on her doorstep, looking for her to dish the dirt, and she never, ever has: she told them to leave her alone."

Blauel met John when he was recording his 1983 comeback album, Too Low for Zero and the pair married a year later while on tour in Australia. Four years later, the couple ended their marriage. Later, John publicly announced that he was gay and went on to meet his future husband, David Furnish.