Tom Petty's iconic outfits are up for auction

Here's your opportunity to own some of Petty's most famed possesions.

Mega fans of the late Tom Petty will now have the opportunity to own some of the singer's wardrobe.

Including his black-and-white striped satin jacket, the auction contains 45 pieces from Petty's possessions.

Speaking with the New York Post, Bobby Livingston, executive vice president of Boston-based RR Auction, said "Because of people’s love and emotional connection to Tom, I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes somewhere in the mid-five figures."

The auction also includes Tom's black denim Lee "Easy Rider" jacket, which he famously wore during a 1987 tour with Guns N' Roses and a 1989 MTV Video Music Awards performance with Axl Rose ... singing "Heartbreak Hotel" and "Free Fallin'."