The Sound | Nik Brown speaks with Baz from 'The Stranglers'
The Sound | Nik Brown speaks with Baz from 'The Stranglers'
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The Stranglers' Baz Warne talks about the loss of “Legendary” Dave Greenfield

Warne spoke about new music and The Stranglers love for touring New Zealand.

Ahead of their April shows, Nik Brown caught up with The Strangler's lead singer, Baz Warne.

The band, alongside Jon Toogood, is performing around New Zealand, having played Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland on April 15th.

Originally joining the band as guitarist and later taking on lead vocals, Baz spoke to Nik Brown about celebrating a big anniversary while here in New Zealand. 

On the 6th of April, I think we were just out drinking, that was my 23rd anniversary. I've been in The Stranglers for 23 years so it's been quite a journey.

Speaking of Baz taking over vocals, Nik said "I want to talk about the new music that's developed as you've taken your mantle in The Stranglers and the performances on the latest album. 

It's comforting because there's this great familiarity to it with the sound. I mean, you the way you sing is very, very stranglers."

"Obviously we'd lost the legendary Dave Greenfield, who not only was not only was he an exemplary musician, he was just he was just my friend." Said Warne.

While a short and sweet visit here in New Zealand for 2023, Nik went on to ask the all-important question "When are you coming back?"

"If I had it my way, I'd say once a year. We absolutely love it here."

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