Neil Finn tells Nik Brown his Fleetwood Mac moments

the morning sound 24/01/2019

Nik Brown from The Morning Sound had the opportunity to chat to Neil Finn yesterday, who is currently touring with Fleetwood Mac.

When asked upon how he transitioned from releasing an album with his son, Liam, to performing alongside one of the greatest bands in the world, Finn explains that he was just about to do a show in the Viaduct in Auckland when he received a call from Mick Fleetwood.

"He rang up and said that they had parted company with Lindsey and if I would consider to have a play with them in Hawaii." Finn continues, "It kind of blew my mind as you'd expect. So I said, 'I'd have to call you back tomorrow because I have to go to sound check. I'm immensely honoured and flattered to be asked, but not something that I can be definitive about right now.'"

When Finn had some proper time to mull over the idea with his family, they responded to him saying, "Do you not want to stand in a room with Fleetwood Mac and sing those songs with them all?"

It was an easy decision to make to at least turn up and see what that felt like.

Finn also talks about how it feels like being a part of Fleetwood Mac. He tells Nik, "There's a potential for [the band] to be more than just something that goes through the motions and plays faithful representations of their music but has the potential to grow and also become something new and unformed as yet in the history of Fleetwood Mac."

Halfway through the interview, Nik asks Finn what were the songs he thinks were perfect to perform live onstage. In response, Finn chooses "Hypnotise", "Man of The World" and "Albatross", which he claims are "pivotal early Fleetwood Mac songs" that he hopes to add to their touring setlist.

Finn also believes that he was not picked up to be in Fleetwood Mac because he knew exactly how to play Fleetwood Mac songs, but also because his hard work is recognised by the band members.

"It's a very reassuring thing to know that when you continuously put a passionate amount of work into what you do and you're compelled by music and the alchemy and the magic and what it can create. Good things can come about. It's something about the overall struggle and body of work that sometimes gets you to a really good place."

Listen to the full interview above.

Time Stamps:

00:42 Do you have those "Oh my God" moments with Fleetwood Mac?
01:30 Tell us about how to got "the call" from Mick Fleetwood.
03:28 What are your top Fleetwood Mac picks to perform live?
05:30 Is there going to be more new Fleetwood Mac music?
07:16 Was New Zealand always a part of the tour or did you put in a good word for us?