REVIEW: Cold Chisel Tauranga gig

review 12/02/2020

I first saw Cold Chisel at Sweetwaters in 1981, on a Monday. Flowers (later to become Icehouse) played just before them, pretty much all I remember is my flatmate swigging on Jimmy's Vodka bottle and a riotously glorious blast of Rock n' Roll.

Last year, I got to attend the tour press conference in Bondi, right there I made the decision, If there was one band I was NOT going to miss this year it was Cold Chisel.

On a fine day in the Bay, a couple of Good Georges, a stroll to the Domain & a punch in the arm from the partner who said, 'You didn't tell me The Muttonbirds were on the bill!'

So we got a posi right in front of the stage, and there was Don McGlashan, Euphonium in hand, basking in Kiwi music greatness. The Muttonbirds are a great band.

Then as the sun went down, here came Chisel. Kicking off with 'Standing on the Outside', Barnsey,  Mossy, Don Walker, Phil Small & Charley Drayton charged through the back catalogue & had me & the crowd howling backing vocals all night. Brilliant! Wouldn't have missed that for anything.

Makes me wonder what my old flatmate, Kevin, is up to. Hope he still plays Cold Chisel LOUD.