LISTEN: Nik Brown interviews Icehouse co-founder, Iva Davies ahead of their NZ show

Watch 19/11/2019

Recently, Nik Brown had the pleasure chatting to Iva Davies of Icehouse ahead of their NZ show as part of Platinum Sounds Series next year.

Davies explained the reason behind why he wasn't able to pursue his classical music career due to how expensive and how long it would take to fix his instrument.

"It forced me into instant unemployment during which I bought my first electric guitar and formed the band, Flowers. It was a great hobby at the time and I had to have a couple of cleaning jobs to pay off the rent."

Watch the first part of the interview on The Morning Sound in the video above. You can use the timestamps below as a guideline.

 Last week I met a band that came on after you at Sweetwaters in 1981 when you were part of Flowers.. I believe that was the first time you were in NZ
0104 When you first started as a young band, did you envisage you'd still be touring in 2020?
0158 Did you make a contigency plan, 'Well I am a classically trained musician, I can get a job somewhere else'?
0402 Formation of Flowers band
0432 Now that you got your oboe fixed, has there been any time in the intervening years where you went back to the orchestra to say, 'I'm ready now.'?
0719 There must be a place where we can fit an oboe in one of the tunes you'd be performing on stage.