LISTEN: Nik Brown speaks with Rob Hirst about Midnight Oil's farewell album 'Resist'
The Morning Sound
The Morning Sound

LISTEN: Nik Brown speaks with Rob Hirst about Midnight Oil's farewell album 'Resist'

Rob Hirst spoke about the release of Midnight Oil's 15th and final album, Resist.

Midnight Oil's Rob Hirst joined Nik Brown on The Morning Sound to talk about the release of the band's farewell album, Resist.

Midnight Oil have had a recent resurgence, releasing their mini album The Makarrata Project in 2020, along with playing their first show in eight years but Hirst says this final album and tour really is the end. 

"The last album and the last tour, but having said that, no one believes us because of John Farnham" he joked.

Hirst went on to talk about the band's first time playing in New Zealand.

"Right from the word go the first album came out in 78', and it wasn't long after that we made our first trip to New Zealand."

"There's quite a notorious tour we did in 1979 that lasted 5 weeks or maybe a bit more." he went on.

"We played every little sheep-dip station in both islands. No one understood three-phase power. We had two crewman that had to face off against the Mongrel Mob, it was just a comedy of errors."

However it was on that trip that Midnight Oil built the first of their  New Zealand fan base.

"By the time we got to the south island, the crowds had really build up and that was our first loyal following in NZ."

Speaking of the new album, Resist, Hirst spoke about the band's ever apparent angry.

"In the new resist album, the band is as angry as ever about certain things which over the years, unfortunately haven't changed."

Listen to the full interview above to hear more about the new album.